Technical Project Manager (Remote, Bangalore) at Dgraph

Dgraph’s mission is to build the most advanced graph database on the planet. Dgraph is a horizontally scalable and distributed graph database, providing ACID transactions, consistent replication, and linearizable reads. It’s built from ground up to perform for a rich set of queries. Being a native graph database, it tightly controls how the data is arranged on disk to optimize for query performance and throughput, reducing disk seeks and network calls in a cluster. Dgraph has solid open-source traction with over 13,000 GitHub stars and over 2 million Docker Hub pulls and is being used in production at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

We are looking for a Sr. Scrum Master / Agile Coach to join our team, and help guide the team and organization on how we can leverage Agile/Scrum practices and values to maximize delivery of business value to our users. In this role, you will:

. Build teams based on business need and other agile principles (collocation, team-size, logical interaction between projects, etc.)
. Lead collaborative discussion, decision making and problem solving within a self-organizing team
. Organize and encourage participation from team in all Scrum ceremonies: backlog grooming, demos, retrospectives and sprint planning
. Support, educate, guide the product owners in applying Scrum including elucidating the importance of refining and maintaining the product backlog
. Facilitate scrums and scrum of scrums
. Guide and manage the team to maintain the Agile board
. Collect metrics and socialize metrics to management and rest of organization
. Implement or influence team members and stake holders to implement action items derived from the retrospective
. Remove barriers and blockers faced by team members, proactively or otherwise
. Working with remote teams
. Communicating with cross functional stakeholders on requirements, design and delivery


. Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields
. 5+ years experience in a product development team as a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Developer, Software Engineer or a QA Team Lead
. SCRUM certification
. Experience with Agile tools such as JIRA

Preferred: Experience in teams that deliver open source software

90 Day Goals:

. Able to manage at least two projects including conducting ceremonies
. Build rapport and engage the team to be able to influence them
. Well functioning team (based on retrospective comments)
. Able to generate sprint reports including compiling statistics and present to management.
. Able to prioritize backlog items (based on interaction with product owners) and ensure an accurate sprint backlog
. Has demonstrated the ability to remove impediments faced by team members effectively and in-line with company’s values
. Demonstrate technical understanding of the issues in sprint