Engineering Manager/Technical Lead (Remote) at AdQuick

AdQuick is building the AdWords for Billboards.
Before AdQuick, buying and executing an outdoor ad campaign was an extremely painful, data-poor experience. With AdQuick, it’s seamless and entirely online. We’ve aggregated all U.S. inventory, and built a platform that marketers love to use. Our customers include data-driven companies like Squarespace, Compass, and Carvana.
AdQuick is an Instacart-mafia company – the co-founders met there, and we've since hired several other folks that used to work there with us. We're 3 years old, we have 40 people total and product org makes up about half of that. We've raised funding from Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian's VC firm, Initialized Capital. We were break-even in years 1 and 2, and we just closed our Series A: (
We have all kinds of interesting problems to solve:
* Building a consumer-grade, collaborative product to enable planning, buying, and executing outdoor ad campaigns. This includes searching, sorting, filtering, grouping, tagging, commenting, etc.
* Mapping: efficiently displaying 1M+ points on a map, integrating with census & other data onto maps to show sweet visualizations
* Analytics: we aggregate mobile location data and connect it to web visits to determine the lift in exposed vs. unexposed audiences. We integrate with our customers' digital ads accounts to visualize the impact of their outdoor ad campaigns. We scrape Instagram and using image recognition to track social shares
* Coordinating things in the real world to printing design assets and install billboards
* And much, much more

In the Engineering Manager role, you’ll lead a strong team of engineers. You’ll be responsible for both people-management and the technical results of your team. This role has three major components:
1. Ensure that your team is happy & productive.
2. Ensure that your systems are working well
3. Make sure your team's work is aligned with product & business goals

We're looking for:
* 2+ years of Engineering Management experience
* A strong track record of leading teams that ship
* Excellent technical judgement
* Clear communication skills
* Experience in Ruby, Rails, React, Webpack, Postgres or similar technologies
* 3+ years experience working on production systems
* People who actively want the startup experience: taking lots of ownership, having a big impact, and building amazing products that customers love
* Bonus points for startup experience or having built your own company or product

At AdQuick, we value capability much more than experience. If you think you are highly capable but perhaps don’t meet the exact requirements, please apply anyway! Our interview process is unbiased with regards to experience; if you are a strong candidate for the role, it will become clear very quickly.